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They Call Me Mellow Yellow

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day, you get up, went to work or class, checked the time so often that you are pretty sure it stopped just out of spite and may or may not have had a donut…or three. Well when I have days like these, I like to have days where I do the opposite. I don’t get up or go to class. Time? HA! I don’t care. Donuts? I’ll have six.  Yeah.. it is probably the weekend but that doesn’t matter. I’m still mellowing… maybe even yellowing… ew, I hope I don’t “yellow”… whatever that means. Okay, so my actual point is when I want to mellow out I switch up my daily routine. Most people associate mellowness with sitting around and basically becoming one with the couch. Why should we correlate winding down with laziness? I like to read up on National Geographic and think about how cool it would be to dive into unknown parts of the ocean. Then I contemplate switching majors so that I can be one step closer to being a mermaid. Then I remember mermaids are not real…( google “Proof Mermaids are Real”) Okay…they aren’t real… back to the point. Sometimes I’ll turn off a number of lights, put my headphones in and listen to music. There is something very relaxing about listening to music through headphones. It’s so private and personal and you can really hone in on specific instruments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening to music with my headphones and been like, “Whoa! I didn’t know there was a triangle in this song!” Okay, probably not a triangle but I thought that would persuade you to give my mellow yellow idea a try.  So basically what I am saying is there are too many ways to mellow down for me to sit here and explain what mellows me. Just keep changing your mellow yellow up… it might even lead to less donuts…or more. 😉


P.S. I’d love to hear what your mellow yellows are!


Snow Drifter

Snow Drifter

This shot is completely unedited. I say that because it makes the picture as magical, momentous and….think of another word that begins with ‘M’… More real. 🙂
It was about midnight, in the middle of January and I had Chemistry the next morning. As soon as I settle into my cotton-filled heaven (my bed), I get a phone call saying that I need to come outside because it’s snowing. I tell my roommate, who happens to be my best friend of 15 years, to get her warmest clothes on and come outside with me. I’m in a dorm…on campus… it’s basically a blizzard… so what do you think I walked in to? Practically every student throwing tons and tons of snowballs! I mean, I’ve never been a part of such a massive snowball fury fest! Yes, I said fury fest. I like to use strange combinations of words to describe things, you’ll get used to it. 😉 Anywho, I happened to have grabbed my Nikon point and shoot camera so, of course, I just snapped as many pictures as I could to keep this unpredictable moment alive. This is the person who called me to come outside. He’s a cowboy. No I mean he is a REAL cowboy, he has cows..and horses..and that hat. I’m so glad I got this shot because, If it weren’t for this snow-drifter, I would have never had the chance to see how all the college “adults” could turn back into kids in the midst of weather’s flurry fest! See what I did there? Fury…Flurry..I need to stop.

99 year old WWII Veteran

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This is a photo of my very favorite person in this whole beautiful world, my grandfather. As it states in the title, Justin McCarthy Miller is ninety-nine years old and was a Fighter Pilot for the Marine Corps during WWII. My Grandaddy Mac is a strong, caring, sun-shining man whose love for his family extends beyond any limits. You will find that I upload many photos of this man, not only because I love the life out of him but, because I see so much character, realism and life which I hope to capture and share with the world.


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